For you on the go: With us you receive exactly those service areas that you need. Not more but also not less!


For you on the go: With us you receive exactly those service areas that you need. Not more but also not less!


Communication is a service. It’s not about “pressing our stamp” on you, but about understanding your products, services or concerns and implementing them exactly as you want them or how it is received by the target group. Customer contact is a matter for the boss, which is why only management staff take care of direct contact with you.


We create concepts, strategies and plans – use us where you no longer know what to do or where you want to delegate your marketing tasks to devote yourself to other tasks. As pieces of the puzzle, we are happy to put ourselves in exactly the place where you want us to be.


We take care of the perfect implementation of your advertising material. Be it the design of a new logo or the design of your printed matter or new website. In addition to our own creative staff, we work with specialists all over the world. So we always have exactly the ideal style and those design specialists at hand who know best how to implement your individual implementations.


We implement communication. From the new corporate identity, to daily internal or external printed matter, to company apps or database-driven websites. But also the content of your social media activities. We create content that is customer-specific and especially for you.



From scribble draft to final artwork.
Sometimes it is a long way from the first idea to the finished stationery and final layout. We know how to implement your or our ideas perfectly. In this way, your company appearance, your brochure or advertising message will be unique and will reach the desired target group directly.

The idea.
At every beginning there is an idea; a flash of inspiration that needs to be captured and caught. However, only the best ideas are worth pursuing.

Planning & Drafting.
In a second phase, the ideas are first implemented in the head, later also as a scribble or as a draft on paper. It doesn’t matter whether a new logo or a company appearance is to be developed, or whether a website is to be redesigned; The process is always very similar.

Usually only two or three out of dozens of ideas make it into the implementation phase. Only now are desktop publishing or techniques used for the final illustration and presentation.

If a company or a product has perfect “branding” or an optimal brand image, the desired results and goals can be achieved. We support you in every phase – be it a new launch or a relaunch.

A brand must be built seriously from the very beginning. Strict compliance with a design manual is only one aspect. From the mission statement, internal and external communication to behavior in social media channels, everything that has to do with communication today is part of a successful brand image.

Holistic Appearance

Digitization has not stopped at the graphics and communications industry either. Today, a simple logo can be made for as little as a few dollars at 99designs or through Fiverr. We also use such digital platforms in some cases – above all to pick up new ideas and start design implementations with a wide selection. The results are often “okay”. But there is more to a professional application!

A good logo idea is usually just the start of a perfect design. A logo must be simple and timeless and be able to be used in as many different ways as possible. A pure text implementation can of course be supplemented with symbols, pictograms and suitable elements. However, a logo is always the most striking unique selling point of a company – and must reflect this visually. A logo must be able to be displayed perfectly with the address and full company name, but also on its own!

We see it as our clear task to provide our customers with professional advice and support. For example, what use is a very great and creative logo with a beautiful color gradient. At the latest when textiles (e.g. T-shirts for the employees) are produced, such a logo reaches its limits. A color gradient cannot be embroidered and a “cheap” transfer print is usually not the quality that is desired.

A logo and corporate identity accompany a company for years. It is natural and normal that over time it appears boring and outdated and that new impulses are desired. But even if a rebranding is a huge opportunity for a company, this step is always associated with great danger and can mean a complete change of image. Therefore, such a change must always be carefully considered and accompanied professionally. It should never be done on a short-term whim.

Corporate design involves more than just a logo

A professional company appearance usually includes something more than just a logo. Even for a small company, it is worth preparing a minimal corporate design manual. This shows exactly how and where a logo can be placed, which colors go with it and which fonts should be used. In this way, a guideline for all means of communication in your company is defined with simple means.

Many communication agencies and consultants first try to sell a new image to a new customer. This is an extremely attractive job that is often associated with many follow-up orders. However, if a logo has been implemented and introduced